Dec 10, 2012

A D R E N A L I N E - P L A T E S

while in new zealand, chris and I took it upon ourselves to do pretty much every adrenaline junkie activity that we could. and believe me, there is a LOT there. so I made some plates about our adventures.

I think the only things we did that I am missing are mountain biking, paragliding (which I will address in a post soon) and wine tasting by bike (perhaps the most dangerous thing we did).

each design is hand-stenciled onto the plate with underglaze pencil. due to the nature of the pencils i have, I pretty much have to draw them on there, then paint over them using the glaze from pencil and a wet paintbrush. it's a labor-intensive process, but I quite like the result.

handbuilt, september and october 2012. each plate is about 7" in diameter.

surfing : $35
rafting : $35
blackwater rafting (this is rafting on an underground river through a cave : $35
snorkelin : $35
kayaking : $35

sorry, the grayed out ones were S O L D (11.01.12)

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