Aug 3, 2011

S N E A K - P E E K

the show is tomorrow. I am working my butt off to get the pièce_de_résistance done. what is that, you ask?

a bench.

I made the legs out of ceramic and the top is a 2.5" thick slab of walnut. so I'm sanding my arms off today in the hopes i can get it to:

a. fit.

b. not have any huge gaps between the wood and the ceramic parts

c. get it finished (sanded and oiled) in time.

maybe it'll happen. maybe it won't. maybe it will and there will be a sign saying "please don't touch; it's wet."

I am trying to be very zen about it.

here are some pics of the process.

this is a mockup with a thin piece of plywood. with the walnut, the white pegs on the top will be flush with the top.

leg close-up:

template making:

the walnut slab with my cutting templates:

the best drill bit in the world (thank you, mike):

first cuts:

it's progressed a little farther than this (I have about 1/2 inche before it rests flat), but honestly, I don't have time to show you that if this is going to get done.

gotta run and sand!
hope to see you (and this bench) at the show.

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