Aug 18, 2011

N O T C H - B O W L S

I was at a loss of what to name these, but ended up calling them the "notch bowls" because of the wood notches in them. SOOO creative, eh? later, someone suggested they look like owl beaks, so I thought about renaming them. but by now I have been calling them the notch bowls for so long that changing the name would just confuse me.

anyway, these turned out awesome. (meaning, just like I had hoped.) a lot of people said they were their favorites, and they are one of mine as well.

I didn't get measurements before I sold them off (thank you, melanie and justin for finding them two new homes that make me happy). but the small ones are about teacup sized and the larger one is about the size a teenage boy might use as a ice cream bowl. or what you might feed your australian shepherd from.
glazed in eggshell wash. notches made from REAL! mahogany!

wheel-thrown, signed and dated july, 20011. I'm pretty sure.

small: $75 each
large: $95


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