Aug 12, 2011

T H E - S H O W

I have finally compiled a bunch of photos from the show. I think I'm going to try to give you an overview of what it looked like, and then I'll try to focus on individual pieces in subsequent posts. just so you know what you're in for...

so, drumroll, please.
here's our stuff:
(ps: thank you to the photographers who allowed me to be present at the show: jennifer thurman, kristin quick, sam tudyk and chris thurman.)

the curiosities of karen koch:

the quite possibly still wet oil paintings of katie mchugh (plus one sculpture):

the super cool map-inspired paintings of sam tudyk:

curtis pachunka's boxes of destruction:

chris lael larson's intriguing photography and slightly voyeuristic videos:

brad simon's charming hand-done type and characters:

tatum shaw's photography (I want him to capture every life moment I have, ever.)

and MEEEEEEE. (we didn't really get any shots of my whole setup so I am posting more pics of my stuff to try to give you get the idea. I swear I am not that self-centered. but hell, it is MY blog, so shut your pie hole.):

if you are interested in anything you see (from anyone but curtis – he sold everything!), some of the art is still available, so let me know.

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