Aug 15, 2011

T H E - W H O L E

as promised, here is a piece from the show. this one was one of my favorites, yet it didn't sell. maybe I overpriced it, but to be honest, I DON'T CARE. it's worth it. you'll have to take my word on that because sort of like a good hair day, it's difficult to get a good photo of. I think the first one shows it best.

anyway, the big circle in the center is actually a piece of oak. yes, real wood. not that fake wood texture I'm addicted to. REAL WOOD. the oak has been stained dark, sliced to a very thin thinness, and cut exactly to fit in the hole, which I promise you, is not exactly perfect... I mean, is totally perfect. this was a cinch. (special thanks here to michael berg, chris's college roomie, and
Master of Wood. he's the lucky guy who got to help me with all the pieces on which I decided to experiment with the materials combo.)

by the way, the diagonal lines in the wood aren't the grain. the grain runs up and down with the fake wood texture grain on the ceramic part. the diagonal lines are cellulite. okay, not true. it's caused by a twist in the wood and has a sort of shine to it. but that's kind of like stretch marks, right?

this piece is biggish. I forgot to measure it, so for now I'll guess and change this later. I'd say it's about 10 or 11 inches wide x 5.5 inches deep x 14 or 15 inches tall. and the walls are thin! and I continue to be impressed that with such thin walls this madness worked!
eggshell wash glaze over iron oxide. oh, and oak. did I mention the oak?
hand-built, signed and dated june?, 2011

$225 (really, totally worth it.)

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