Aug 5, 2011


I have a report on two things:

1. the bench. it did not make it into the show. it was just too dang problematic for me to be able to solve in time. also? it might need redesigning altogether to make it work. I admit I did have a little bit of a tough time coming to the realization that it wasn't going to work. or maybe I should say ACCEPTING. because you know what? I freaking busted my ass to get that done in time.


but rest assured, you have not seen the end of the bench. in fact, you might see a lot of progress reports on it as I attempt to make it work by christmas. I hope.

2. the show. it was a great success. I sold a ton of work. I have a little left over even, which is nice because some of that is stuff I really liked and would love the chance to enjoy before it finds a new home (see also: holiday sale). I can also post that work here, once I have photos of it. which I will. have photos.

soon, I promise.

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