Mar 10, 2009


of the tiniest kind

moving on to another fancypants pottery trick, here's a bowl with a crackle finish. the way I did this was to throw a pot with thick-ish walls, then paint it with a darker colored slip. I did this one with a fairly thin coating, so you can see the darker spots are where the slip was thicker; the lighter spots were the thin application. you can see my brush strokes.

after that, I painted on a clear, MAGIC sticky substance and let it sit for 30+ minutes so it hardened, kind of like a shell. after that, I spun the bowl again, carefully NOT touching the outside, and pushed the walls out, so they bowed outward and the shell cracked.

every variable in this scenario makes for different cracking patterns, thicknesses, color difference, etc. so it's fun to see what happens in the end. always a surprise!

the bowl is 6 inches in diameter and about 3.75 inches in height.
since I carved grooves at the bottom, I applied a rusty looking stain called iron oxide that gave the bottom the black sketchy look. then I coated the whole bowl in transparent glaze.
hand-thrown, signed and
dated december 2007.

S O L D (03.09.09)

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