Mar 4, 2009

N O T - Q U I T E - H O U N D S T O O T H

#3 in the black wax geometric series

you'll notice a difference in photography here... this was photographed by my neighbor, jen downer, who is a very talented photographer (you can see her wonderful portrait work here: — AFTER you look at MY stuff, of course!)

anyway, this vase currently sits on our dresser
acting as a catch-all for the loose junk that seems to accumulate there. it hardly seems fair for such a lovely piece. but then again, it does make the junk look much less ugly.

the vase is 4.75 inches at its widest and about 4 inches at the base x 4 inches tall.
black wax and "eggshell wash" glaze.
hand-thrown, signed and
dated april 2007 (strangely. I didn'te remember that I actually made this one before the other two.)
also $25 (though I am tempted to mark it even higher; this took FOREVER...)

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