Mar 25, 2009

R U S T - C U P - S E T

they aren't REALLY rusty. but they are faceted. and just nice. I made a bowl that goes with them, but don't have time today to post photos of that. maybe tomorrow.

one of these is 3.25 inches in diameter x about 3 inches tall. the other is more like 2.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide. it's very difficult to throw even sizes when you are first starting out, and I'm better at it at times than at others. but I actually like the slightly off sizing. really. I'm not just saying that. they stack nicely, and it's kind of a japanese female/male thing to do. not that I have any japanese training or anything. but whatever.
hand-thrown, then faceted (also by hand), signed and dated, november 2007.
$30 for the set

S O L D – er, gifted really. (04.29.09)

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  1. Oh wow, I really like those. They look like huge cap nuts with a nice patina going.