Mar 24, 2009

L E A F - V A S E

sorry I have been absent for a while; I was out of town last week, and honestly, just a slacker the days that I wasn't gone. but I'm back on track now!

this is a good example of how I get inspiration from many places. this one: this I got from a rug. (ha. bet you thought I was going to say "nature" or something cool like that. nope. a RUG.) I saw the design on a rug online, grabbed a jpg of it,
changed the color combo, and drew my own leaves, and and lo and behold, we now have a vase with leaves on it. here are a bunch of photos so you can get the full picture of the design.

3 inches in diameter x about 6 inches tall.
I hand-painted the leaves in orange and chocolate brown underglaze. then covered the whole thing with a transparent gloss glaze.
thrown on the wheel, signed and dated, march 2007.
(it's like its anniversary!)

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  1. THAT is really awesome. So are all of the other items too (of course!)