Apr 29, 2009

C E L A D O N - D I S H

I have been thinking recently that I need to make my cat a new dish. he broke his... with love. or so I like to think. he actually broke it by licking it clean, right off the counter, so perhaps that's true; he loved that wet food too much. the verdict is out whether or not I will use this one; it's the right size, but the old corian® plate I am using will produce less disappointment when it gets shattered on the kitchen floor. (or, it will just bounce.)

if you like to feed your cat in less precarious places than tall counters, perhaps this is meant for your furry friend. or maybe it's just meant for m&m's. yummy, yummy m&m's.

just under 4.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall

celadon glaze
wheel-thrown and signed, february 2007
(if you buy it and really intend to use it for a cat, maybe you'll find a special treat in there for your feline too.)

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