Apr 27, 2009

T I N Y - V A S E S

a set.

these two vases are tiny. okay, they aren't really miniatures or anything, but they are pretty darn small. sure, you can fit a few flowers in them, but they have to be of the small variety. like dandelion size. it's possible I made these before I made a sake set. you know, for practice.

the small vase is 2 inches high x just over 2.5 inches across.
the "tall" vase is slightly over 3 inches high x about 2.5 inches in diameter.
I put a slight texture on the tops and glazed them pistachio green over eggshell wash (matte white) glaze. it's VERY subtle in person.

both of these are
wheel-thrown, signed and dated, may 2007
$20 for the set

S O L D (04.29.09)

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