Apr 10, 2009

L A U R I E ' S - B O W L

I gave this bowl to my father-in-law's girlfriend last xmas. her name is laurie. hence, the name.

unfortunately, I neglected to take any measurements of it before I sent it off to its new home. but from what I remember, it was about 5 or 6 inches in diameter and oh, let's say 3.5 inches tall.

I used chocolate brown underglaze for the outside. it was a thin-ish coat, which is why the clay shows through at the top. inside, I used shiny turquoise glaze. I just love that color. there's a close-up shot so you can really see it.

wheel-thrown, and signed. I know it's dated too, but I can't recall when.
S O L D – okay, gifted... (12.25.09)

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