Apr 9, 2009

R E E D - V A S E

this vase was meant to look a little more natural (less controlled and modern looking) than my normal stuff.

okay, I have to admit it: I did it that way because just as I took the vase off the wheel - still wet - I accidentally scraped the side of it with my fingernail. fingernails are totally your enemy in pottery. you have to keep them cut super short or you end up with divots in pretty much everything you do. so when faced with an irreparable gash in the side, I decided to embrace it and MAKE MORE! so it turned into an interpretation of grass blowing in the wind. (cheesy, I know, but it worked so I went with it.)

the measurements of this piece are: 3.5 inches across at the base, 2 inches at the top x 5.75 inches high.
I did the inside and the lip in chocolate brown underglaze. I put iron oxide on the outside to bring out the texture and then glazed it in celadon.

wheel-thrown, signed and dated, april 2007

S O L D (04.29.09)

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