Jan 17, 2013

G U A R D R A I L - B O W L S

many of the roads in new zealand are curvy, two-lane (at best) and well, treacherous. and we're talking about the highways, here. very few of them have guardrails. if there is a guardrail, you know they really mean it. so, just to keep things safe, I made some guardrails. you know, to keep your stuff in. or, if you live with anyone named "grabbyhands," to keep other people out.

wheel-thrown with hand-made rails. porcelain. clear glaze.
the smallest is 5.25 inches in diameter x 3 inches high. the largest is about 6.5 inches wide.
signed and dated may, 2012

three of the set are still available, and one without rails:
$45 with guardrails
$35 without

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