Jan 7, 2013

M O E R A K I - H O L D E R S

on the south island of new zealand, there is a place called moeraki, which is home to a crazy phenomenon called the "moeraki boulders." essentially they are a grouping of large boulders that have gradually been uncovered by erosion on the beach. perfectly spherical, perfectly natural, perfectly inexplicable and okay, one looked perfectly like the death star.

as we got closer to them, I began to get all pouty and disappointed that we drove so far and they weren't as big as I thought they would be, but then I got closer and felt like a total a-hole because holy crap these things are cool.

so I made some.

mine are all hollow. and bottomless. I made them with the intention that they would be planters. if I had put on bottoms, then you'd never be able to get a plant back out once you planted it - if it grew at all, the root ball would be too big to fit back through the opening. so these are made like tissue box covers. just ceramic and round. and for plants. though I wouldn't be upset if you put them over tissues either.

approx 10 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall. and the openings are about 2.25 inches in diameter.
signed and dated september, 2012. 
$50 each (2 of 3 remaining) 
ps: the amber and gray bowl shown in my last post is also still available. it was the prototype for these. approximately 7 inches in diameter x almost 3.5 inches tall. signed and dated september, 2012

the real thing (aka: the death star)

my versions

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