Jan 3, 2013

S H I R E - S H E E P

when we visited hobbiton on our trip, the guide told us that despite having over 4 thousand (or maybe 6 thousand?) head of sheep already on the property, they brought in special sheep for the lord of the rings movies which had black faces, rather than white.

here's mine. now in order to make this, mom and I drew several versions on paper to figure out what would actually look like a sheep head. then I had to figure out how to build it in 3-D, so I started with a bristol board template, some tape and went from there. I think it took me a whole day. which makes me think I should have charged more for these, though they do tend to crack on the back, so maybe not. (if it sounds like I am speaking in multiples, it's because I am, and by the end of the show, had commissions to make 2 more!)

hand built stoneware with palladium glaze, which was a gamble; i had never used it before. its got a cool metallic sheen to it. the whole piece is about 14-16 inches high. not small!
signed and dated october, 2012.

S O L D (11.01.12)

the template, in progress

before glazing
on display at the show

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