Jan 18, 2013


while preparing for the show, I found myself with a bunch of scraps of wood-grain slab that I felt compelled to use. that's one danger of handbuilding: when you have spare scraps you feel like you MUST use them. anyway, I had been experimenting a little with facets already, and then... well, I think I went a little insane.

each facet of this has to be pieced together and joined by hand. when you hand build, each joint is always considered a weak point - a place for cracks to root and ruin everything. so I have no idea how this made it through firings without cracking apart. and since it didn't sell, I have happily brought it home. the problem is, I now feel compelled to baby it and won't leave it outside in freezing weather. (however, the fern I have planted in it is an outdoor fern and is suffering the consequences...)

anyhoo... I love this piece. and to me, it represents where chris and I were in our heads when we left for sabbatical.

approximately 20 inches across at well, any given point. it has sort of a rectangular footprint, but then again, not at all. it's about 7-8 inches tall (not counting the fern).
eggshell wash glaze over iron oxide (to bring out the wood grain).
handbuilt, signed and dated.


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